Oils packing and Packaging

Our oils containers are attractive in shape, conforming to the quality standards so as not to cause any damage to the oil-packed inside it, solid to withstand the transport and handling operations, easy to close and open when packing and use, high transparency to show the product inside.

Olives packing and Packaging

We pack all types of olives in high quality containers of different sizes.

Spices packing and Packaging

In order to maintain the quality of the spices during handling, transportation, storage and distribution, our packaging materials are selected with care, To provide protection against atmospheric factors such as light, heat, humidity, and oxygen, To protect the product from spillage and spoilage and protect it from Discoloration and Loss of Aroma / Flavor.

Coffee packing and Packaging

coffee bags with the capability to long lastingness of coffee taste, flavor and freshness be the significant need for the packaging of coffee. To reach to the market consumer as if the coffee is directly exported from the coffee gardens. Here comes our coffee bags which gives total customer satisfaction to fulfill all the above mentioned needs.

Nuts packing and Packaging

our nuts bags are made with high quality to provide optimum protection against damages like puncture, moisture, odor.

Cheese & Cream packing and Packaging

Our cheese packaging’s are designed and manufactured to cater for various needs of cheese products, which ranging from liquid to solid forms of cheese products

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